Sony Vaio: Vaio Care and iolo Premium Tools

VAIO Care Premium Tools

My Sony VAIO S popped up with a message from the “VAIO Care” software the other day. Under the Performance section, there were 3 strange messages.

  • “Internet Performance”
  • “Program Accelerator”
  • “Memory defragmenter”

Each of these has an “Enable” button that shows the following message:

“Premium Tools are additional tools for improving computer performance that can be added to VAIO Care by purchasing a 1 year subscription. Would you like to learn more about these tools from Sony’s Business Partner?”

And if you click “Yes”, it takes you to a sales page on “”.

At first glance, it looks like a nice deal. It’s $9.95 for a 1-year subscription of this software, which includes 3 features: Program Accelerator, Memory Mechanic, and NetBooster.

After a bit of searching on Google, it seemed apparent that many users have problems with VAIO Care, in addition to the iolo software package.

My first question: Why would I need extra software to improve my computer? The fact of the matter is, Microsoft Windows is designed to be a smart, efficient piece of software, and although it’s far from perfect, it’s hard to believe this software could do much good.

My second question: Does it work? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any worthy reviews of the iolo Premium Tools software package. In fact, I could only find 1 actual review of the iolo software (check it out here) and it was for System Mechanic, not exactly the same piece of software that Sony is trying to sell me. Most of the comments I did find were complaints. The one very positive thing that review does say is that the internet speed was greatly improved.

Aside from the potential improvement in internet speed, this software probably doesn’t provide much at all, and as long as you regularly restart your computer and clean your temporary files, your computer should run fairly well and fairly fast.

I would happily pay $10 per year for a software package that improved my computer’s speed, but I’m skeptical, and I just don’t believe this will do it. I am actually scared of this software damaging my computer and requiring a Windows re-install, but despite that there is a good chance I will try the Premium Tools software from iolo and write a more extensive review on it.

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